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Preserve the memories you cherish with this museum-quality enclosure.

We provide the highest quality of preservation and security for an affordable price

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Preserve the memories

You cherish with this museum-quality enclosure.

Precious family documents and photos, priceless heirlooms – as much as we try, they don’t last forever. But, with the minoxy® microclimate picture frame enclosure, many more years of enjoyment can be achieved. This enclosure uses modern preservation technology to extend the life of art, documents, textiles, and artifacts by sealing them inside a climate that keeps out harmful elements and preserves what’s inside.

For those organizations that do not have the in-house capabilities to service a microclimate system, minoxy® offers on-site field service for the installation of art or artifacts and the charging of the enclosure with the appropriate atmosphere. We also offer periodic maintenance services.

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How can the minoxy®

Enclosure protect your priceless treasures?

Developed by long time professional picture framer, Jerome Feig, this enclosure creates an airtight seal that is designed to preserve precious items and documents for a price you can afford.

This is the same technology used in facilities like the U.S. National Archives to preserve their own documents and artifacts. Every item you own is unique, so minoxy® offers specialized services to help you develop the right enclosure for your needs. With various sizes, glazing, and micro-climate options, you can be assured your items will stay protected from deterioration, pests, and bacterial growth for years to come.

We provide the highest quality

Of preservation and security for an affordable price

The design is durable, made from the finest formed metal, the pan and 4mm laminated glass provide a clear view while protecting from 99% of the harmful ultraviolet light, bugs, and humidity. minoxy® works with you to create an enclosure that is perfect for your needs. Documents, textiles, mementos or whatever keepsakes you have will be safe for many years with the minoxy® micro-climate enclosure. For extra security, active or passive monitoring systems can be installed in the enclosure and hooked up to any computer system.

Monitoring systems can range from indicator cards to laser spectrometric metering and even USB monitoring loggers. Trust the preservation and security of your collection to minoxy®’s microclimate enclosure.

The minoxy® archival storage enclosure

For art and artifacts has been developed to meet your preservation needs for art, documents, textiles, and artifacts.

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